Day Two, the Kittening

If you haven’t already, meet Miv and Piv (which translates, very roughly, to Pip and Squeak, or Shriek and Howl) who earned their names for their voices. They have a lot of voice between them. Miv is a tuxedo boy and Piv is a calico girl. They are four and a half weeks old, and we have adopted them because their mother abandoned them.

Never too young to pose for photos.
They’re not so great at eating from a plate yet but refuse to suck on a fake teat. Messiness ensues.
Best. Babysitter. Ever.
Piv is the braver kitty. Miv still prefers to watch while she beats up the dog for him.
She does this four or fime times a day so far. He loves it.
But in the end, even the fiercest little warrior princess must sleep.



We weren’t planning to get more cats. We have Peter, our elderly Norwegian forest cat, and Diego, our elderly German shepherd. Figured we’d get a couple of cats from a shelter for company for whichever lived the longest.

Well, we were wrong about that.

The cat at our barn dropped a litter of five beautiful, seriously, gorgeous kittens — and then abandoned them at three and a half weeks. We are as of today the owners of a tuxedo boy who is big and healthy and independent, and a calico girl who is smaller and thinner, and thinks that Diego is her mum.

Fortunately, Diego thinks that’s a great idea.


We haven’t decided on names yet, but considering their lung capacity we’re thinking of Miv and Piv. Roughly translated into English, that’s Mewl and Shriek.