Little Miracles Happen

Pilar has survived another day and another gastroscopy. In spite of now not having had food in over a week she is still alert and eager for contact (which is why the vet keeps fighting — if she gives up, it’s over).

The esophagus blockage has cleared. This is good news. Odds of survival there was 1-2%. Her stomach is 90% filled with what’s effectively vegan concrete. She’s being given a slight amount of food tonight — filtered mash that’s essentially hot sugar water. They’re going to try put her on a drip of something absolutely terrifying tomorrow that will either flush the blockage out or kill her stomach for good. Her survival odds have now gone up to 10%.

Please keep praying or selling souls or doing voodoo rituals. I love that damn little horse so much and this is the week from hell. Everything hangs on miracles and Pilar’s fighting spirit.

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