Emilie Has Landed!


Virkelystens Emilie, cordially known as Mille, took the two and a half hour drive from Skive to Taulov in stride. She walked right up into the trailer without a concern, and only hopped around a bit in there when we were braking to come to a halt. She wasn’t thrilled about driving — never met a horse that was — but eh, if that’s what we wanted, then that’s what we got.

Snuffle, snuffle.

We tossed her into the outdoors arena when unloaded but she didn’t really have a lot of stress to let out. She strolled around a little investigating things, found a bit of leftover hay from when we used the arena as Pilar’s sick pen, and… that was pretty much it.

I’ma pretty blonde. And I have hay.

Once we were certain she was taking everything in stride we moved her into Pilar’s box which is now going to be hers.

Ooh. There’s hay in here.

We also introduced her to her new neighbour, Cassie, the Welsh Mountain pony that was Pilar’s best friend. They seemed to get along fine.


Meet Mille!

No horse will ever take Pilar’s place in my heart, just as Pilar never took Logan’s. However, life goes on whether we want it to or not, and moping in the dark gets you nowhere. So, meet Virkelystens Emilie, cordially known as Mille. She arrives at our barn on Tuesday.

Mille is a four years old red Jutland draft, a breed native to Jutland, Denmark. She’s a heavy little thing, weighing in at about 750 kilos and standing 153 cm tall. She is purebred and has all the fancy papers — but what’s more important to me, she is a sensitive and friendly horse. She’s pretty raw but sitting on her, I felt nothing but interest and willingness to learn. She likes her food and she likes people.

It’s funny how things work out. Within a day after Pilar’s death, seven different people linked me to the sales advert for Mille, thinking this was just the right horse to try to be her successor. I think they were right.