Pilar is not a happy camper at the moment. She mis-stepped on her left front hoof a few weeks ago. That’s all fine now — so why did she still turn all pissy and prone to kill hapless ponies nearby when ridden? As it turns out, her momentary lameness has given her a sore shoulder. Right where the kneepad of the saddle rests.

She’ll be taking three weeks off from being ridden with a saddle now.

Another Batch of Horse Funnies

It’s time for another batch of random pictures that came my way on the interwebs…

I’d love to do this, and I’m sure my horse would love it too. That aside, the picture is clearly photoshopped as the horse’s weight appears to have no impact on the sofa whatsoever. But it’s still cute.
Pokemon Go reveals what we horse owners have known for centuries. The world is full of invisible, horse eating combat critters.
Besides being one half of a cute couple, this pony reminds me a lot of my first horse.
Sassy shetlands be sassy Shetlands.
school horse species
This one is funny but also a little sad. Each behaviour displayed is behaviour that a horse has learned in self defense. But still, also funny.
I confess. I made this from a picture on Facebook, and it’s not even a pony. But dangit, it’s cute. I had one of these little guys once.
something touched my foot!
This is me at the beach. Not the man, the horse. I am terrified of seaweed.
tell a gelding
Fortunately my mare is a good natured slacker who’s happy to discuss anything. Debates inevitably end with her getting treats and pettings and not having to work a lot.
I have got to do this to Pilar.
As always, British cartoonist Thelwell had it spot on when it came to chubby kids and fat ponies.
yo ok
Seen this before. Don’t want to see it again.

Got good ones of your own? Never hesitate to throw ’em my way.

Personal Poneh Space


Have you ever noticed how different horses — and for that matter, different people — have different needs for personal space? The ‘bubble’ around us grows and diminishes in size depending on who we are, and whom and what we are dealing with.

Grandezza’s personal space requirement for her people, Louise, Cecilie, and Käthe is very small: She trusts and likes them. Her bubble becomes a bit larger for strangers — she’s a friendly and polite horse, but please, don’t be all over her. Wine and dine her first or something. And if you’re a gelding, you should be on Mars.

Pilar’s personal bubble is pretty much non-existent. She lets anyone into her personal space unless they want to trim her feet. At that point she dances and squeals like a teenage girl in a tickle battle.

Grandezza, with the greater need for personal space, will politely inquire whether it’s okay to frisk you for treats before doing so. Pilar, who has no clue about this, will stomp right in and get to work. Grandezza is polite. Pilar is… Pilar.

Horses and people are a lot alike in this respect. I find that one should respect a personal bubble, whether it’s inhabited by a human or an equine. Working with either will be so much easier if they don’t feel that you’re all over them, hands everywhere, being entirely too pushy.