Ten Funny Poneh Pix

Two weeks with a broken arm and I am going nuts with boredom and looking through my digital archives for entertainment. Now proudly presenting ten funny horse pictures that have somehow ended up on my hard drive.

1: Is My Horse OK?

Dina Hjort sent me this one after I broke my arm in the fall. She ain’t all wrong, I think I was more worried about Pilar than about myself.

2: Reality check

You’ve seen this one before but it doesn’t get more true than this. Every horse owner knows this.

Reality Check.

3: Bitch, I’m fabulous!

It’s a Friesian with flowing mane and tail doing a leap. I ain’t arguing.


4: For Fast Riders…

This one makes the round on the net every month. I still laugh every time.

for slow riders

5: Halloween

Yes, yes. It was just Halloween and besides, we don’t even officially celebrate this holiday in Denmark (though commercial interests are working hard to change that). I just love that horse’s face.


6: Bordering on cruelty

A friend sent me this one. I made him swear not to tell Pilar about it. She loves to dress up for attention and get, well, attention and a metric buttload of treats. She will want one of these in pink and she will never let me take it off.


7: Yikes!

The caption reads: “This is an extremely cheap way to castrate a stallion…” to which the lady replies, “You could probably switch the carrot for a beer and the stallion with…”


8: Argh.

Everyone who ever took care of a grey or other light coloured horse knows this one. Too well.

it was nice of you

9: Yeah, I noticed…

I sort of felt like that when I went flying. Only, you know, this sign is somewhere in the US and not on our paddock. But if it had been, I woulda. Yes.

if you can read this

10: Has Talent…

Nobody’s perfect.

has talent needs direction

Credit where credit is due: If you are the owner of one of the used images, please contact me for proper credits.