I’m So Funneh

Cleared out the pile of old and older pictures today. I did things with them. These are the things I did with them. Feel free to steal for your own nefarious uses.

Miv and Piv really do love that box. It’s the one we got them in. It is the best box.
At least they’re kid cats.
Our political manifesto.
I liked that shirt. Too bad.


The cats are not the only animals in this household with a political manifesto.
Our kittens have a sister and their sister has a grumpy little butt.

Random Pictures of Random Critters

First test of my new camera! Pilar looks unimpressed.
Desca and Dinah didn’t even notice.
So unimpressed.
Still need to find the exact right configuration for shooting animals in motion. Camera has trouble with the black pug! That’s Maja, sibling of our kittens, and the pugs Bertha and Bacon.
Feisty lil thing she is.
Again, not entirely satisfied with the blur on things in motion, such as little kitteh tails.
Fan. Boi.
Total fanboi.

Day Two, the Kittening

If you haven’t already, meet Miv and Piv (which translates, very roughly, to Pip and Squeak, or Shriek and Howl) who earned their names for their voices. They have a lot of voice between them. Miv is a tuxedo boy and Piv is a calico girl. They are four and a half weeks old, and we have adopted them because their mother abandoned them.

Never too young to pose for photos.
They’re not so great at eating from a plate yet but refuse to suck on a fake teat. Messiness ensues.
Best. Babysitter. Ever.
Piv is the braver kitty. Miv still prefers to watch while she beats up the dog for him.
She does this four or fime times a day so far. He loves it.
But in the end, even the fiercest little warrior princess must sleep.