Throat Colds Suck

Hot mash improves everything.

Pilar caught herself a nasty throat cold. She’s going to be spending a couple of days indoors being fed hot mashes, cough syrup, and antibiotics. She coughs a lot and hasn’t been eating a lot due to stuffed nostrils and feeling unwell. That in turn has caused her to lose what weight she has: Now that she has no fat under her fur, she can’t stay warm. So, blanket for the rest of the season — meh! I’ve ordered her a snazzy blue one. No, Alvin did not get to choose a pink one.

At least it’s easy to give medicine that can be dissolved in mash to a horse that loves her some hot mash. She should be feeling better tomorrow already. I hope so, she really looked like she wanted to curl up inside my shirt and die.


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