Cats, Cats, All the Cats

Well, close, anyway. Pictures of cats and barn kittens from the last month or two. It’s been quiet around here for health reasons—turns out the foot isn’t broken but they’re still sending me to a specialist to find out why it’s still double size—but at least there’s still cats.

Bella, she of the Loud Voice and the Cuddly Temper. Youngest barn cat.
Blackie, She of the Sharp Claws and the Even Sharper Tongue. Oldest barn cat.
Blackie’s kittens were explorers. Particularly the two blue boys.
We managed to find homes for all six. Five out of six are now barn kitties elsewhere.
Rumour has it, though, that the two blue boys are more living room kitties than barn kitties.
Happiness is a nest of kittens.
No, seriously.
Miv, He of the Big Tummy and the Smug Grin as he Eats Your Dinner. Not a barn cat, probably descended from a potted plant and a sofa cushion.

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