Costume Party!

Fastelavn is coming up! For those of you of an international disposition — this is the Scandinavian equivalent to Halloween except that the costumes don’t need to be scary or spooky. The custom dates back to Catholic times, and of course dressing up the ponies is traditional. I’ve collected costume pics horses all year, just for this.

As with other picture collections from the internet — if you’re the owner of one of these pics, please let me know, so I can give you proper credit and a link back to your site (or remove the picture, if that’s your preference).

This is technically not a costume but dressing up for a show. Still!
I mean, seriously. Showing Arabians like that. Wowzers.
This one I was actually planning to inflict on Pilar. I’m not saying that’s why she died. But you were thinking it.
You shall not passage!
Simple, except for the part where you convince the horse to put it on.
This one is great for a pale horse. Simple yet recognisable!
I want to do this to Emilie. Nothing says ballerina butterfly pony like an 800 kilos draft.
Heart melted. Officially dead.
Genial in all its simplicity.
I’d do this with Slytherin colours, obviously.
The garters are the nicest touch!
I love this one. Probably I was a rabid Kiss fan as a teenager.
I mean, seriously. Love.
That’s one big poodle you got there, li’l miss.
There’s something about miniature horses and costumes …
Seahorse? Geddit? Sea horse!
All I want to know is, Mary, how the heck did you get him to stand still while you glued all that fleece on?
Now officially creeped out and spooking like a volatile warmblood.
The day is officially saved. Now go swat that giant spider up there for me, please.


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