Grooming is Awesome

How can you tell if your horse loves your touch? Emilie would like to show you how much she likes her massage / brushing. Apologies for the fluctuating picture quality, the lighting wasn’t too great.

Hello. My name is Emilie. I have known this guy for roughly a month. I’ve spent more than half that month in animal hospital after colic surgery. In other words, I’ve been a stressed out little draft horse.
I’m a trusting soul but I still like to be able to see what goes on. So I wear a hairclip when I am being groomed.
Please be careful with my belly near the surgery incision. I trust you, but I’m still going to keep an eye and ear on this.
My mane, on the other hand, you cannot scratch it enough. I love this, I love this so much I am offering scratch-backs to the air.
Yessss. Behind the ears too. Yeeeesss.
I will make all the faces if you promise to never stop.
Er. Right. I like to be groomed in my box without restraints. That way, I can move around and show you where I want you to scratch me.
You are my grooming mate and if you scratch me, I scratch you. I use only my lips but you should probably not let me scratch bare skin anyway.
I give the best back massages in town.
You don’t need to worry that I will squish you or trample you. I am entirely too busy standing still and enjoying this.
That’s it! You all need to get yourself a groom minion like mine. Emilie out.


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