Have Ten Funny Ponies

People keep sending me funny horse pictures. I keep posting them. It works. Here’s another ten.

1. Don’t know about you, but I like the horse better.
2. Okay, so no one sent me this one, I made it myself. Deal with it.
3. Tee hee. Snerk. Fnnn.
4. That always happens. Always.
5. Lucy van Pelt’s equine soulmate.
6. I’d let my horse do this if we had the space. The sofa would break though, she’s 750 kilos.
7. I had an Arabian who was particularly prone to this.
8. Yes. That’s what you think it is. Geldings and stallions need help keeping themselves clean there.
9. Eco SUV is best SUV.
10. You have no idea. All the time.

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