Hospital Visit Survived!

Hospital visit survived!

This is Emilie the Stoic, wearing diodes on her head, rump and right front hoof. She stayed a night at Andsager Animal Hospital to use their lameness locating system to find out why the heck she keeps being randomly lame and insecure on her feet.

The verdict? Well, first she had surgery and did nothing for six months. Then she got kicked hard and did nothing for another five months. She basically is fine, but she has no muscle and no balance. We’re going to gently start her on easy work and get her into shape, then revisit the situation in 12 weeks (or earlier if she develops an express lameness instead of just randomly sorefooting around).

So, good news!

Also, it’s wonderful to own that horse who’s afraid of nufink. Trailers, new places, people prodding you with things, Emilie dun care none.

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