Out of the Woods!

Emilie’s colic kept going on day three, and she was clearly in a lot of pain. Dehydration was starting to set in as well, as she refused food or drink. We hospitalized her yesterday to make sure she got salts and fluids and proper care.

They called us this morning to tell us that the colic had gone critical. She needed surgery.

They called ten minutes ago to tell us that surgery went well and she will make a full recovery. Her intestines had twisted around each other (the medical term is volvulus), and if she had not been opened up and, well, cleaned out, she would have died.

She will be fine.

Going back to hospital was hard. It’s just two weeks ago that Pilar died there. I was not ready to see it again. I was not ready to see another sedated, suffering horse. I think I’m running out of tears. But she will be fine. They’re going to keep her for a couple of weeks to make sure there are no complications and she heals (intestinal surgery is rather heavy weight as surgery goes), but she is expected to make a full recovery with no lasting effects whatsoever.

I am going to treat her like a glass princess.