Ten More Poneh Funnehs

So, they took off the sling yesterday and replaced it with a hard plastic harness that’s to keep the two halves of my upper arm bone in place until they grow back together. It’s awkward, it rather hurts, and I feel like I’m wearing an imperial stormtrooper’s pauldron. I am also bored as heck, and this is why I dug out another ten random horse funnies that were sitting around in my archives. Don’t worry, I have quite a few left.

1: Anatomy of the horse

Sounds about right to me. Might add ‘mud collectors’ for feathered hooves like those of my Friesian, though.

anatomy of the horse

2: By the weekend

Well, maybe by New Years in my case. With a bit of luck anyway!

by the weekend

3: Deliberate mistakes

I’ve certainly had this teacher. And on a side note, who does not love Thelwell ponies? Not loving this artist is sacrilege unto Poneh!

deliberate mistake

4: Don’t pee on the fence!

This picture was probably snapped just as the pony turned around. That’s one amazing mane, though!


don't pee on the fence

5: Duckface is too mainstream

Yes, yes, it is. Duck faces belong on ducks. And on horses who have learned the “smile” trick.

duck face

6: Hello?

I’m not sure what’s going on there, but it sure seems interesting!

funny_horse_picture_21 funny_horse_picture_21

7:  That angle…

We’ve all been there. First you fly off and do a faceplant in the mud, then you look up to a pair of concerned brown eyes asking what the heck you’re doing down there.


girth was loose

8: So very true!

This is no more true than this time of year when the paddocks are wet and deep and the horses always seem to find the wettest, deepest holes to roll in.



9: This one’s just bizarre.

Tumblr is a very strange place.

horse like dog

10: Horse gonna horse

And to finish this installment of What The Drawer Hid, let’s have another gorgeous Frisian.


Like last time, these are images people have sent to me in email and on Facebook over time. If you are the owner, or know who is the proper owner, of one of the images, please let me know so I can give proper links and credits.