Welcome to the herd!

Mouthguards suck.
Mouthguards suck.
It's a pretty big pasture!
It’s a pretty big pasture!
Quiet time in the pasture.
Self proclaimed herd leader Tush on the left, guarding Emilie, Gäskir and little grey Blomme on the right.

Emilie got to be out with the herd for an hour today, introducing her to most of the other horses at the new barn. She immediately formed a group with her barn neighbour, Icelandic horse Gäskir, which was then joined by little grey Blomme who seems to love everyone as long as they have four legs. Pinto herd leader Tush allowed her into his herd but kept her separate from the other horses for now.

Fjord horse Loke took one look at Emilie and went for a nap — and he’s supposed to be the grumpy one!

Emilie will only be doing 1-2 hour pasture visits this week so that we can be sure that she doesn’t eat enough through the mouthguard to cause her laminitis to flare up again. But from the looks of it, she’ll fit in just fine.

2 Replies to “Welcome to the herd!”

  1. I am glad to see you and the Blogg are still alive and kicking, this one got a bit worried when there was such a gap in posts. Shame to see that Emilie came down with laminitis and shame about your own health as well. I’ll be sending a prayer to the great Horse Lords in the sky for her swift recovery. I’ll be sending one for your health as well.

    Worries and prayers aside, love all the pictures posted since your return, be they Christmas art, horses or wild animals.Hopefully there will be lots of new pictures to come in the future, eh? I need more of your small horse comics darn it.

    With best regards, Erik from Sweden.
    (Also, apologies if there has been multiposts. If so I blame firefox for looking like it ate my comments.)

    1. Thank you! Emilie is fortunately doing a lot better and has been allowed to return to pasture — though with a mouthguard so we can control her sugar intake from the grass. I posted a horse comic today! Honest! Still trying to decide whether to do them in watercolour or on the computer, though.

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