Barn fairies

Our barn has fairies. Invisible little helpers that turn up when no one’s watching and suddenly your box is clean and the hay’s been put out for the evening. We’re debating hiding little chocolatey gifts for the fairies to attract more of them. Barn fairies are nice.

Barn fairies are the kind of horse owners who not only do their own work at the barn but also step in when they know someone else is busy or stressed or not feeling too hot. They don’t announce it. They don’t expect anything in return. They just like to put a smile on someone else’s face and they weren’t doing anything else at the time.

I like barn fairies. A barn that has barn fairies is a barn that has the mental surplus and capacity for people to look not only the horses but also the other people. It’s a good place to be. It’s a healthy place to be.

The world needs more fairies.

This week's representative of the barn fairies collective.
Our barn fairy this week is named Karina. Boxes keep on magically turning up clean.

Poneh Illustrations

A collection of illustrations I made for Caroline Frandsen at ridecare — that was fun! I often struggle with deciding on what to draw when I want to draw. Maybe I should do more commissions.

Trotting poles and distance.
Trotting poles and distance.

Trotting poles around the corner.

Using poles for circular patterns.
Using poles for circular patterns.

Variation on the sun
Variation on the circular pattern. Mouse optional.


More to come.

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