Throat Colds Are Esophagus Blockages (And They Suck)

Need hot naps in the sun.

Had the vet out again today as Pilar didn’t seem to be getting much better in spite of medicine and whatnot. Her food was coming out her nose, for one, instead of going where it ought to be going.

Suspecting an esophagus blockage we shoved a tube down her nostril into her stomach and indeed, the vet thinks that the passage is entirely too tight. She crammed her face full of food after that treatment, though. Now we’re waiting and seeing until Sunday. If she’s not doing markedly better by then, she’s going to need a gastro… camera… thing… procedure… to find out what exactly has gone wrong down there.

Throat Colds Suck

Hot mash improves everything.

Pilar caught herself a nasty throat cold. She’s going to be spending a couple of days indoors being fed hot mashes, cough syrup, and antibiotics. She coughs a lot and hasn’t been eating a lot due to stuffed nostrils and feeling unwell. That in turn has caused her to lose what weight she has: Now that she has no fat under her fur, she can’t stay warm. So, blanket for the rest of the season — meh! I’ve ordered her a snazzy blue one. No, Alvin did not get to choose a pink one.

At least it’s easy to give medicine that can be dissolved in mash to a horse that loves her some hot mash. She should be feeling better tomorrow already. I hope so, she really looked like she wanted to curl up inside my shirt and die.


I’m So Funneh

Cleared out the pile of old and older pictures today. I did things with them. These are the things I did with them. Feel free to steal for your own nefarious uses.

Miv and Piv really do love that box. It’s the one we got them in. It is the best box.
At least they’re kid cats.
Our political manifesto.
I liked that shirt. Too bad.


The cats are not the only animals in this household with a political manifesto.
Our kittens have a sister and their sister has a grumpy little butt.

Random Pictures of Random Critters

First test of my new camera! Pilar looks unimpressed.
Desca and Dinah didn’t even notice.
So unimpressed.
Still need to find the exact right configuration for shooting animals in motion. Camera has trouble with the black pug! That’s Maja, sibling of our kittens, and the pugs Bertha and Bacon.
Feisty lil thing she is.
Again, not entirely satisfied with the blur on things in motion, such as little kitteh tails.
Fan. Boi.
Total fanboi.


Pilar is not a happy camper at the moment. She mis-stepped on her left front hoof a few weeks ago. That’s all fine now — so why did she still turn all pissy and prone to kill hapless ponies nearby when ridden? As it turns out, her momentary lameness has given her a sore shoulder. Right where the kneepad of the saddle rests.

She’ll be taking three weeks off from being ridden with a saddle now.