Escape from Prison (Sort of)!

Emilie finally got to leave her box today! The next month she gets to spend the daylight hours in a 9 x 12 metre’s enclosure, far too small for her to trot or gallop or even walk much, but at least it’s outdoors. She enjoyed exploring it and then watching the splendid view out over the meadows below. More so when she found the hay net and she could stand there and munch and watch and be out, out, out.

Box Prison

We spend as much time as possible at the barn this week. Emilie is not allowed to do -anything-, but at the very least we can keep her company. She is a very bored horse. She enjoys being taken out into the sunshine to eat hay with me in the courtyard, but she leaves me in no doubt that she’d much rather we took a gallop out into freedom.

Her box is a mess because she walks around in it all day to relieve boredom. I can’t wait to be allowed to put her out so we can clean it up properly, dry it out, and start over on the bedding.

One more week. Then she’s allowed paddock time. Alone, but still, better than the dark barn all day.