Another Batch of Horse Funnies

It’s time for another batch of random pictures that came my way on the interwebs…

I’d love to do this, and I’m sure my horse would love it too. That aside, the picture is clearly photoshopped as the horse’s weight appears to have no impact on the sofa whatsoever. But it’s still cute.
Pokemon Go reveals what we horse owners have known for centuries. The world is full of invisible, horse eating combat critters.
Besides being one half of a cute couple, this pony reminds me a lot of my first horse.
Sassy shetlands be sassy Shetlands.
school horse species
This one is funny but also a little sad. Each behaviour displayed is behaviour that a horse has learned in self defense. But still, also funny.
I confess. I made this from a picture on Facebook, and it’s not even a pony. But dangit, it’s cute. I had one of these little guys once.
something touched my foot!
This is me at the beach. Not the man, the horse. I am terrified of seaweed.
tell a gelding
Fortunately my mare is a good natured slacker who’s happy to discuss anything. Debates inevitably end with her getting treats and pettings and not having to work a lot.
I have got to do this to Pilar.
As always, British cartoonist Thelwell had it spot on when it came to chubby kids and fat ponies.
yo ok
Seen this before. Don’t want to see it again.

Got good ones of your own? Never hesitate to throw ’em my way.

Ten More Poneh Funnehs

So, they took off the sling yesterday and replaced it with a hard plastic harness that’s to keep the two halves of my upper arm bone in place until they grow back together. It’s awkward, it rather hurts, and I feel like I’m wearing an imperial stormtrooper’s pauldron. I am also bored as heck, and this is why I dug out another ten random horse funnies that were sitting around in my archives. Don’t worry, I have quite a few left.

1: Anatomy of the horse

Sounds about right to me. Might add ‘mud collectors’ for feathered hooves like those of my Friesian, though.

anatomy of the horse

2: By the weekend

Well, maybe by New Years in my case. With a bit of luck anyway!

by the weekend

3: Deliberate mistakes

I’ve certainly had this teacher. And on a side note, who does not love Thelwell ponies? Not loving this artist is sacrilege unto Poneh!

deliberate mistake

4: Don’t pee on the fence!

This picture was probably snapped just as the pony turned around. That’s one amazing mane, though!


don't pee on the fence

5: Duckface is too mainstream

Yes, yes, it is. Duck faces belong on ducks. And on horses who have learned the “smile” trick.

duck face

6: Hello?

I’m not sure what’s going on there, but it sure seems interesting!

funny_horse_picture_21 funny_horse_picture_21

7:  That angle…

We’ve all been there. First you fly off and do a faceplant in the mud, then you look up to a pair of concerned brown eyes asking what the heck you’re doing down there.


girth was loose

8: So very true!

This is no more true than this time of year when the paddocks are wet and deep and the horses always seem to find the wettest, deepest holes to roll in.



9: This one’s just bizarre.

Tumblr is a very strange place.

horse like dog

10: Horse gonna horse

And to finish this installment of What The Drawer Hid, let’s have another gorgeous Frisian.


Like last time, these are images people have sent to me in email and on Facebook over time. If you are the owner, or know who is the proper owner, of one of the images, please let me know so I can give proper links and credits.

Ten Funny Poneh Pix

Two weeks with a broken arm and I am going nuts with boredom and looking through my digital archives for entertainment. Now proudly presenting ten funny horse pictures that have somehow ended up on my hard drive.

1: Is My Horse OK?

Dina Hjort sent me this one after I broke my arm in the fall. She ain’t all wrong, I think I was more worried about Pilar than about myself.

2: Reality check

You’ve seen this one before but it doesn’t get more true than this. Every horse owner knows this.

Reality Check.

3: Bitch, I’m fabulous!

It’s a Friesian with flowing mane and tail doing a leap. I ain’t arguing.


4: For Fast Riders…

This one makes the round on the net every month. I still laugh every time.

for slow riders

5: Halloween

Yes, yes. It was just Halloween and besides, we don’t even officially celebrate this holiday in Denmark (though commercial interests are working hard to change that). I just love that horse’s face.


6: Bordering on cruelty

A friend sent me this one. I made him swear not to tell Pilar about it. She loves to dress up for attention and get, well, attention and a metric buttload of treats. She will want one of these in pink and she will never let me take it off.


7: Yikes!

The caption reads: “This is an extremely cheap way to castrate a stallion…” to which the lady replies, “You could probably switch the carrot for a beer and the stallion with…”


8: Argh.

Everyone who ever took care of a grey or other light coloured horse knows this one. Too well.

it was nice of you

9: Yeah, I noticed…

I sort of felt like that when I went flying. Only, you know, this sign is somewhere in the US and not on our paddock. But if it had been, I woulda. Yes.

if you can read this

10: Has Talent…

Nobody’s perfect.

has talent needs direction

Credit where credit is due: If you are the owner of one of the used images, please contact me for proper credits.