The Obligatory May Photoshoot

First time in May I got to be out in the sun with the horses. Every May I am like a maniac about the first sunshine. Those two, three weeks where everything explodes out of the ground and there are dandelions everywhere, they are the very best weeks of the year.

I shall let my camera do the talking. It is an eloquent little Japanese thing, that camera.

Arrive at farm, Emilie is the only horse not playing possum. Sunshine has a remarkably sedative effect on horses.
This is probably one of the best horse photos I have taken to date.
Felina decided to pose as well.
Windy day.
Vanity got up to model a bit, too.
Best damn ass in Taulov. ‘Nuff said.

Whoop de Doo!

Emilie’s long isolation is finally over. Today, she got to run around with Welsh Mountain pony Cassie and Shetland pony Prins in the outdoors arena. Do you think she enjoyed it? I think she enjoyed it. She started it, but Cassie finished it.

Videos by Caroline Frandsen at Ridecare.


Who’s a good dog?

Photo copyright Louise Jäger.

Soon! Freedom! Soon!

Emilie is still not allowed more action than a short walk for grass in the sun. She enjoys those a lot and she’s become quite apt at communicating where she wants to go. It’s not unusual for her to trot along at a walking pace because why walk if you can trot? As long as she doesn’t pull, I remain unbothered.

On Sunday it’s been two months since her surgery and her long isolation from other horses comes to an end. We plan to give her an hour or two with shetland pony Prins for the first couple of days, and then put her out properly with maybe him and Welsh Mountain Cassie. Both are quite relaxed, which is required: It’s another month before Emilie is supposed to run around and play much.

I can’t imagine how much her life quality will improve when she gets a bit more space and gets to talk to someone of her own species at last. I still feel utterly guilty about what we’ve had to put that poor horse through, and so incredibly grateful at how patient she’s been.

Karoline amused herself with giving Emilie the complete braid-over a couple of days ago.

I took the braids out today. Now that’s one curly-haired blond lady!

There’s a lot of talk lately about the equine pain face and how to recognise it. Well, this is the equine face of I have sunshine on my ass and I love being groomed.