Not Everyone is a Critic

Not everyone is a critic.

Today, Equitandi will be removing her controversial video clip in which she comments (loudly and hilariously) on Tina Lund’s statement that it’s okay to use sharper bits because if the horse didn’t like it, it wouldn’t win.

I can’t say I blame her. I read a fair number of the comments on her video, and while many of us agree with her, the amount of anger that the clip caused in Tina Lund’s supporters is… staggering. Rabid. Foaming at the mouth levels of crazy in some cases. Equitandi uses facebook as a free space for herself, and does not want to be the target of such sound and fury so she’s taking the clip back down and telling people to move on.

I just wish that people would take a breather sometimes, count to ten, and agree that few things are black and white before they start penning threats and abuse. Come on, whether you think Tina Lund’s riding is okay or not, you have to admit that saying that horses win because they like pain is bloody stupid. Maybe it didn’t come out quite as Tina intended. Maybe she is just stupid. I don’t know, and I don’t care much, either.

Criticizing a highly controversial statement such as that one does not constitute an attack on everything Tina Lund is or has been, and it does not warrant a barrage of hatred and abuse in return. It means she said something stupid. We laugh, and then we move on.

Thank you, Grumpy Cat, for coming to the rescue of my sanity.