Diamonds Are Forever

Pilar isn’t out of the woods yet, but she is sure as heck living up to her registered name, Diamant (Diamond). Indestructible. Harder than hard. Tougher than tough. The Arya Stark of equines. What do we say to death? Not today.

We got to visit Pilar today and take her out into the indoors arena a little. She’s weak and tired and didn’t really care to do a lot but we could tell she was happy to just be out of that box. The braids in her hair are for the drip. It gets taped to them and inserted in the shaved area on her neck. They’re still flushing her stomach four times a day but she gets to have sugar water, filtered mash, and a few handfuls of actual food pellets a day now.

Never too tired to investigate.
Tired. Happy, but tired.
Not too tired to be a clown, though.
Pretty it ain’t. Her neck is shaved like that on both sides, for the drips.
This picture sucks but you can still see how they shaved her flanks in preparation for the big treatment two days ago.
I’ve never seen a horse this thin outside of an abuse case.

She’s not safe yet. But for the first time in a week I dare to timidly hope. So on a final note I’m going to give you a happy picture.

Pilar and her best friend Cassie sharing hay before everything went to hell. This is not going to happen again: Her food intake is going to be very carefully controlled from now on.