Just feeling kind of blue

I’m not dead. Heaven knows I’ve felt like it at times, though. In the last year, I’ve fought off sepsis and then moved to the farmstead of my dreams, just outside Vorbasse, Denmark. There’s not a lot to see out here but heath and coniferous forest — just the way I like it. I’m officially a hermit now. Also, I feel blue because blue is my favourite colour and I am in fact ridiculously happy.

We get to have the horses at home now. Yes, there are two now — we added the Feral to the herd. She is a bay pinto pony formally registered as No Name. She comes from a rewilding project up north and when we first met her, she did not accept human touch at all. She fell in love with Emilie and Emilie with her, however, and since we knew we were going to move — well, might as well not separate the two.

I’m proud to say that since then, the Feral has become entirely handleable. She’s the best-behaved pony I’ve ever met when it comes to kids, vets, and farriers. If we and Emilie say that a thing is OK, then a thing is OK. After all, we said so.

Anyhow, feeling blue. So have a blue watercolour sketch of a horse that probably is a cousin of Emilie.

A sketch of a Jutland draft horse looking at the viewer, made in blue watercolour.