All Tests Aced!

Two days ago Emilie finally aced her vet checkup. As of today, she is officially insured (thank all the powers that be!). Today marked the end of her long recovery period after surgery, and we got ready for a saddle and rider test!

Half horse, half fish.

Today was a really hot day. It was also Emilie’s third time being bathed, and as it turns out, she loves, loves, loves it. Sure, the hose can be cold but being scrubbed down with water and a brush? Getting rid of all the dust, sweat, and lingering winter fur? Priceless. She even forgets her hay just to express her delight with this treatment.

Being turned out to dry is NOT overrated.
Romance blossoms.

While Emilie dried off from her bath I sat and watched albino Connemara pony Charming and grey Welsh Mountain pony Cassie. They’ve been sharing a paddock for a few days now. They seem to be hitting it off well — to put it mildly.

And then, finally, time to start the test. We saddled her, looking carefully for indications of soreness or pain from the surgery scar. Nothing. Then Cecilie lounged her for ten minutes at a walking pace. No soreness, no complaints except of boredom. Walking on a lounge is dull.

Bo. Ring.

Cecilie lead Emilie to the mounting block and carefully plopped herself into the saddle. Not a single ear was batted. Emilie is very clearly not dealing with any residue pain or soreness from her surgery.

Not a single ear.

The husband strolled along with the ten minutes’ ride, to make sure Emilie stayed calm and relaxed. He didn’t need to. Emilie confidently told us that she was happy to be doing something more challenging than eating hay, but she also got tired very quickly. That’s as it should be. We’re only allowed to ride her at a walk for 20 minutes at a time at this point.

Not the wildest rodeo in town.

Afterwards, we took the saddle off and let Emilie have the arena and its sand to herself for a bit.

Job well done. We are cool.

So here’s a recap: Vet check aced, farrier aced, insurance in place, and now ready to start getting back in shape after surgery. I have one tough and cool little red horse.

Yep. Emilie’s still the world’s best dog.

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