Esophagus Blockages are Also Necrotic Wounds (And They Suck Even More)

Pilar’s situation deteriorated today. When fed, everything she ate came out her nose. She kept begging for food because nothing ever made it down to her stomach. I talked with the vet and we agreed that she needed to go to Højgaard Hospital right away. Once we got there, they put a camera scope down her esophagus and sure enough, the blockage from hell. Even more worryingly, her throat is badly swollen, so bad that they could hardly get the tube down (so much blood, horrific!). There is a badly swollen, necrotic looking injury just where the esophagus begins.

They’ll keep her at hospital for 3-4 days on antibiotics and sedatives until the swelling goes down. Until they can get a proper look at that injury we won’t  really have a proper diagnosis. So please, those of you with connections in higher planes and faiths, ask for a favour for me, please?

I love that shaggy little skinny Friesian so much.

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