First Day of Freedom

I braided Emilie’s mane and forelock yesterday. She loves being braided. Or rather, she loves the attention.

Finally! After first four weeks of complete box rest, and then four weeks of teeny tiny paddock alone, Emilie got introduced to space enough to run, and to the company of another horse today. Her life quality just improved 400%.

Welsh Mountain pony Cassie and Emilie are box neighbours but that doesn’t mean they’re friends. Yet.

Things went pretty smooth on the whole. Emilie took one big bouncy gallop and otherwise kept quite relaxed.

Come no closer. This grass is mine.

Emilie really wants to be Cassie’s friend but Cassie thinks that Emilie needs to wine and dine her first.

Stop following me everywhere! Wait, don’t walk too far away!

We’re allowed to start Emilie very quietly on light work now too. She is not to carry a rider yet and we’re not supposed to ask her to trot or gallop (though she can if she wants to). So we have started on agility and clicker training to keep her little head busy.

Will work for food.

And to finish off a nice day, grooming in the sun with hay.

And this is what a triple braided forelock looks like the day after. The 1980s called, they want Tina Turner back.

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