No Bra Wtf?

This is going to be one of those rants that have nothing to do with horses. You’ve been warned. Enjoy.

No Bra Day. What the fuck is up with this idea? When someone sent me a link to a 9gag meme about No Bra Day a few days back it was for fun. Lookie, is funny, chicks are going to waltz around freeing their tatas. Hee hee.

Excuse me if I’m not laughing. I happen to own a pair of these things. I grew up in the 70s and 80s. I remember how adult women in the 70s got rid of the chafing, horrible things that they were made to wear lest their nipples offend some male’s sensibilities. Or worse yet, inspire horny thoughts. As we got closer to 1990, women started wearing the things again because men just wouldn’t stop fucking staring at them and taking the lack of a bra as an open invitation.

Do I wear one? Yes. I wear a sports bra when I ride, because having those jugs bounce around is bloody painful. I wear a bra for decency’s sake when I’m wearing a thin shirt. I still feel I shouldn’t have to. If it’s all right for a guy’s nipples to be visible, why can’t mine be?

I’m told that No Bra Day began as an awareness affair for breast cancer victims, particularly those who have had to lose one. I’m cool with that. I don’t see why anyone should feel obliged to wear a bra and a fake boob unless they want to. Some people feel that their cancer is a private thing. They want to look “normal” because it’s no one’s bloody business but their own. Still fine with me.

Cancer is not pink sums it up well. What’s the purpose of No Bra Day, to remind cancer victims that they aren’t going to need one again, haha?

From what I saw on 9gag and on the various news sites, No Bra Day’s real purpose is to show boobs. Lots of boobs.

Isn’t it great to know that a lethal disease has been reduced to a fratboy joke?

My mother and her peers did not burn their bras, more or less figuratively, in order for teenage boys and men with teenage boy mentalities to have something to jerk off to. Sure, bras can be part of sexy lingerie. Not wearing a bra is not an invitation to grope or leer or stare. If you can’t look at a bra-less woman without having troubles subduing your libido, go take ten in the nearest bathroom and get over yourself.

I want to go burn those sports bras that I do own.

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