Poneh Can Do All the Jumps



At first a little tentative… Louise jumping properly on Pilar for the first time. I consider myself too heavy to even make the attempt, so I am very happy to have the two sisters, Cecilie and Louise, helping out with this aspect of Her Blackness’ training.


And then, suddenly, Pilar is cantering along beautifully. She’s still a tad confused on the whole idea of a gallop since, duh, trot is by far faster so if you ask her to increase speed she’s obviously going to trot — but there we are, and it looks good!


And we’re over and it is beautiful! Well, kind of. Well, they got over, didn’t they? Everything starts small.


This one is my favourite of them all. The look on both faces. “OOOOH SHIT WE’RE GONNA CRASH WE’RE GONNA wait, we made it!”

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