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It’s been quite some time since the weather, my health, and general photographer’s luck have conspired to let me show you good pictures. So let’s remedy that today, shall we?

Forever besties!

Forever besties! Photo by Käthe Jäger.

Grandezza and Pilar liked each other from the first time they met, and nothing’s changed there over winter.  It’s going to be a little sad when Grandezza moves away this spring, but fortunately Pilar makes friends easily.

What do you want us to do about this? Seriously, dude, WTF?

What do you want us to do about this?
Seriously, dude, WTF?
Photo by Louise Jäger.

Actually the girls are pretty good at free jumping, but this one shot where they were watching Louise build the jump turned out pretty funny. It’s all coincidental, they were just watching with interest.


I told you that she can jump.
Photo by Käthe Jäger.

Alvin’s newest idea of a joke is to walk into a horse tack store and find something in shocking pink, then going over to the expedient and start to kvetch about his wife constantly wanting pink tack for her horse. They inevitably fall for it and offer much sympathy to the poor abused man while making me look like a complete idiot. If dad humour was a sport, he’d be at the Olympics in spite of not being a dad.


Photo by Alvin Gellert.

Louise, Cecilie, and Käthe Jäger find the whole pink debacle so funny that they bought Pilar a present: Yes, a pink halter.

pink shoes

This is where I draw the line.
Photo by unknown.

Pilar goes barefoot, fortunately. She will never get pink shoes. I thank the powers that be for barefoot horses.


Double bridle bitless style.
Photo by Käthe Jäger.

And for our last one today, no pink. This is just another take of Pilar’s fancy double bridle without a bit.

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