Can We Go Home Now?

Emilie is getting rather bored with being cooped up at horsespital but they are going to keep her over the weekend all the same. Her surgery incision is a teeny tiny bit reddish and she’s got a hint of a fever, so just to be on the safe side, the vets want to give her a penicillin treatment before release. I want her home as soon as possible, obviously, but I am okay with this.

Guess whose husband actually goes shopping for hair accessories for little girls, I mean, 750 kilo draft horses…
Priorities. One’s bird watching, the other isn’t.
Practically a Disney princess.
Emilie actually raised her head from the grass at the sound of a stallion calling to her. She doesn’t look that impressed, though. Oh well. He was a scrawny Arabian anyway.
Hospital has a farrier shop so today we got a pedicure! … That poor lawn.

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