A Sunny Day in March

Emilie’s still got a wee bit of fever. We’re not getting her home Sunday. Vet tells us that it is most likely a small complication from the surgery: When they have to turn them over, the lungs get squished a little, and a teeny bit of pneumonia is a common result. She was on antibiotics after surgery, and it’s normal for it to show once she gets taken off them. Which is of course why she’s been put back on the meds. Still hoping for Tuesday.

Mood is great, and she’s not in any discomfort from it. The only thing that Emilie wishes to complain about is that she’s only allowed to walk like an old lady on a lead. She wants to buck and run and prance!

Spring sunshine exists to be enjoyed, even if we’re still only allowed short walks.
I made a new little friend today. According to herself, her name is “Mreff”.
Mreff is a bit camera shy, however.
I told you, we’re best friends now. She followed us everywhere.


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