One Horse Demolition Crew

You will not get a video of me riding today because I have not been at the barn since Tuesday. You will get one of Louise Jäger and Pilar practising their jumping yesterday. Or their demolition technique. Not sure which term applies the better.

I have not been in the barn because of my new diet. I am currently living on 400 calories a day. If you find yourself thinking that that is not a lot, then you are right. It is not, and I feel like roadkill. I am not particularly hungry. I’m just exhausted and dizzy, and all my muscles are hurting. All I want to do is sleep.

My weight has moved from a high of 155 kg to a low of 147 kg. It’s too early to tell whether there is any actual weight loss though: My weight fluctuates a lot. Still, I am being optimistic. And thinking about eating the cat.

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