Pony Sez #25

I can’t stress this one enough. I don’t do events or competitions or any other kinds of shows or meets. I never take my horse further from the barn than she can walk. I ended up having to drive two horses to a veterinary hospital in January all the same. Fortunately, both loaded easy. A medical emergency is not the time to start float training.

Oh, and look, we made it to the first mark: 25 cartoons!

Trouble Free Trailer Training

This video shows what trouble free trailer floating of horses can be like. It was filmed at a riding camp at ridecare.dk in Taulov by Fredericia, Denmark, and all three horses and girls had been practising this as one lesson of many during the past week.

What makes this video special, at least to me, is the lack of stress displayed. All three horses are allowed to take a look at the trailer, ask their girl whether it’s safe, and finally step up at a leisurely pace without stressing or spooking. No pressure is used, no rope behind the hind quarters or blindfolds — just patience, love, and the occasional gentle nudge. All three horses look relaxed and and content, and I can tell you that at least the warmblood horse used to be anything but relaxed around trailers!