The Obligatory May Photoshoot

First time in May I got to be out in the sun with the horses. Every May I am like a maniac about the first sunshine. Those two, three weeks where everything explodes out of the ground and there are dandelions everywhere, they are the very best weeks of the year.

I shall let my camera do the talking. It is an eloquent little Japanese thing, that camera.

Arrive at farm, Emilie is the only horse not playing possum. Sunshine has a remarkably sedative effect on horses.
This is probably one of the best horse photos I have taken to date.
Felina decided to pose as well.
Windy day.
Vanity got up to model a bit, too.
Best damn ass in Taulov. ‘Nuff said.

All the Faces

Emilie is still prettiest princess with her hair clip. She’s also very very happy to have a box with an open half-door so she can watch what goes on, because being stuck in there 24/7 is so very dull.

Please. Do things. I want to watch you do things.
She’s too thin. I look forward to her regaining the weight she lost during her illness.
The Moon decided to pose for an artsy shot just as I was trying to get a decent picture of Emilie in her box.
Emilie is not the only box window lurker. Felina has better camouflage though!
Small walk of the evening: Saying hello to White.
Look who came to say hello, too: It’s Mikro, mum of the murderkittenz.