Be My Frieeeend!

Yesterday marked Emilie’s first day with the rest of the gang in the main paddock. I sat down with my camera and kept an eye on everyone just in case fights broke out (they didn’t).

Emilie first sought out her paddock-mate from the last couple of days, little grey Cassie. Cassie wasn’t all that impressed.

Mattie, meanwhile, was more interested in me.
Sucking up in progress.

After a while Cassie relented and accepted Emilie’s presence as long as they did not actually touch.

Friends don’t touch friends.

Emilie then decided it was time to explore the other end of the paddock and meet yearling Roxie.

Are you my mum? No, are you mine?
Bah, clingy kids.
Yes, tell me about freaking clingy kids, Emilie, why don’t you?!

Fortunately for Roxie, at least Snekja thinks she’s a baby and can get away with acting like one.

Are YOU my mum?

And for the last photo, Vanity decided to make silly faces.


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