Ten Horse Funnies III

Look no further for holiday entertainment, it is time for another installment of funny horse-related pictures that people have sent to me over the years.

1: I’ve known horses that felt like this in sitting the trot.


2: This goes beyond saying.


3: I have known this pony. Also, an absolutely awesome costume idea.

pony great iwth kids

4: Bittersweet because while it is funny, it’s also a sad fact that some riders do absolutely horrid things to their horses while proclaiming their love for them.


5: Thelwell rules.


6: This one frightens me all the more because I know that my husband would love to do it to our Friesian.

my owner is an idiot

7: A classic, but still funny.


8. I don’t know what happened here, but the horse looks pretty cool with it.perfectly reasonable explanation

9. I have got to get me one of those for Pilar.

pilates instructor

10: This one is particularly spot on at the moment since Denmark is pretty much flooded by several days of torrential rains.


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